Tamashii Mudra Necklace With Turquoise Length Cm. 50

Cod. NHS1600-7


Turquoise Tamashii necklace cm. 50

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Tamashii Mudra Necklace With Turquoise Length Cm. 50
Tamashii Mudra Necklace With Turquoise Length Cm. 50  50,00


Tamashii products that are handmade with natural stones / pearls can have slightly different shades from the photos.

Original Tamashii unisex necklace with 54 natural Turquoise grains complete with Calabash, Vajra and Bell.

The Vajra and the Bell represent the opposites that coexist: the Bell is a symbol of the female side, of the physical body, while Vajra is the symbol of the male side, of the mind. During Buddhist rites the Vajra is held in the right hand and the Bell in the left.

A natural stone with an intense blue color tending to green, turquoise combines the meaning and esotericism of these two colors and is widely used in Buddhist esotericism.
Green for Buddhists represents calm and blue for ascension and purity.
The turquoise Tamashii calms the soul by transforming anger into wisdom.

The necklace has a total length of cm. 50 but can be worn up to cm. 55 thanks to the extension cord.

Practical closure with burnished metal button with Tamashii logo.

A unique jewel because it is entirely made by the skilled hands of the Tibetan monks and blessed individually at the end of its realization.

New product accompanied by its original packaging with Tamashii guarantee of authenticity.

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