Tamashii Original Tibetan Agate Ocean Bracelet

Cod. BHS900-31


Original bracelets from Tibet, each with its own meaning.

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Tamashii Original Tibetan Agate Ocean Bracelet
Tamashii Original Tibetan Agate Ocean Bracelet  38,00



The blue agate represents the color of the sky and the ocean, the blue which for Tibetan culture is the most important of the colors and represents purity, wisdom and peace.
In this particular case the shade of blue gives this Tamashii an even more divine and elevated appearance. This Tamashii is the Tamashii which identifies the sacred.

Tamashii products that are handmade with natural stones / pearls can have slightly different shades than the photos.

Original Tibetan Tamashii unisex bracelet with blue Agate.

The bracelet is beaded and hand-knotted with 12 blue agate spheres with a diameter of 8 mm.

The total length of the bracelet is cm. 24.00 but can be worn up to cm. 18.00.

The peculiarity that makes this jewel unique is the fact that it is produced and blessed by Tibetan monks.

New product accompanied by its original packaging with Tamashii guarantee of authenticity.


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