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Right of withdrawal


The customer who is not satisfied with the purchase made can avail himself of the right of withdrawal pursuant to the current legislation on distance selling, in particular of Legislative Decree 21 of 2014 (consumer code) and must send by registered letter A.R. a communication to that effect within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the goods, the communication can be anticipated by e-mail to the customer service  

In any case, no refund will be paid by Fabio Ferro the jewels before receiving the goods covered by the same and having checked the characteristics for this procedure indicated below. The aforementioned right is subject to the following conditions: the products must not have been worn and must not show signs of wear, dents, abrasions or scratches that could compromise the resale of the product in “New” conditions. The products must be returned to the sender complete in all their parts including stones, pearls, gems, straps, accessories in general, box, warranty, certification card and any piece indicated as the object of shipment and agreed with the customer at the time of delivery, and in any case received from the customer by Fabio Ferro the jewels.

The return must take place in a single shipment and never in separate shipments under penalty of forfeiture of the right itself.

RETURNS or EXCHANGES are not accepted for all products purchased within Piquadro, Outlet Jewels, Watches and customised/tailored products.

The return shipping cost is always charged to the customer, and must be done in a safe, traceable and insured way, using a packaging suitable to protect its contents from accidental damage.

Fabio Ferro i gioielli will reject any package for which any courier or postage fee or any kind of cost is requested by the courier or postman.

Fabio Ferro i gioielli reserves the right not to accept the return of those products that do not comply with the previous conditions or that present any sign of wear, damage, wearing or missing any part or accessory contained in the delivery shipment.

Fabio Ferro i Gioielli will return to the customer, only in case of conditions of the goods equal to those of the goods at the time of shipment and together with the relative packaging, what was previously paid for the balance of the transaction in question within 15 working days exclusively by the same method payment used during the purchase.

On the packaging, in the return shipment to Fabio Ferro the jewels must not appear words that can in any way make us deduce the precious content of the same. The package must be correctly sealed and sent to the address shown as the sender in the arrival shipment, that is: Fabio Ferro i Gioielli via Broli, 4- 36025 Noventa Vicentina -VI- The package or envelope must be correctly sealed with adhesive tape from the package signed in all potentially violable parts in order to make the packaging unique and unrepeatable. Fabio Ferro i gioielli is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of the returned goods and in the event of evident tampering with the package upon its receipt as returned, the same will be rejected to give the customer the opportunity to retaliate against the carrier and thus give progress to the insurance procedure of the courier or post office. Fabio Ferro i gioielli does not respond in any way for damage, theft or loss of the returned products and therefore any risk remains the responsibility of the customer.




For any clarification or problem, you must contact Fabio Ferro directly the jewels at 0444760070 during shop hours or by e-mail at