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Fabio Ferro’s business stems from a family tradition that began in 1954 with the paternal goldsmith’s-watchmaking laboratory in Este (PD).

Already in school age, Fabio frequented the laboratory daily, scrutinizing its craft secrets and learning the characteristics of the various precious gems. Crescendo acquires the passion for jewelry and watches through courses in gemology and watchmaking applied to manual skills.

This is how in 1989, after years of collaboration with the paternal home, he proudly decided to walk alone opening a jewelry store in Noventa Vicentina (VI). He chooses the autonomous path of innovation, of the handmade creation of unique jewels that excite so much, of the trade of the best jewelery and watch brands with a constant: to serve, assist and retain the customer over time. In short, in Noventa Vicentina and in the neighboring provinces of Padua and Verona it has become a point of reference.

Fabio Ferro is constantly evolving so that, after 20 years in the now historic shop in via Broli, he opens a new store, completely new and innovative, introducing new types of market such as leather goods and gifts. Expanding the most prestigious watch brands, creating new and unforgettable jewels, the result of 30 years of work experience.

Study and artisanal creation of jewels with exclusive creations also with client’s stones.
Specialized technical assistance of all watch brands with original spare parts.


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