Auto Lampe Berger Ocean Wind Diffuser

Cod. 6400-p


Lampe Berger car diffuser, Ocean Wind fragrance.

Auto Lampe Berger Ocean Wind Diffuser
Auto Lampe Berger Ocean Wind Diffuser  15,00


The absolute novelty by Lampe Berger for your car.

A small accessory, a small round and sparkling object and some well-chosen fragrances are enough to make the road more beautiful.

Lampe Berger has created an aesthetically valid object with its honeycomb motif and its decidedly modern chrome color. A practical car diffuser with a multidirectional metal clip that allows you to easily fix it on the ventilation grids and a rechargeable ceramic heart that allows an endless homogeneous diffusion. For this Vento d'Oceano version, the master perfumers offer a dynamizing perfume, specifically designed for this type of diffusion. Marine accords, a floral heart of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley, a typical and exotic background, the promise of a successful trip.

lampe berger diffuser for car

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Diffusore auto profumazione Vento d'Oceano


Diffusore auto profumazione Anti Odore Animali, Diffusore auto profumazione Anti Tabacco, Diffusore auto profumazione Aquatic Freshness, Diffusore auto profumazione Energy Sparkling Zest, Diffusore auto profumazione Exquisite Sparkle, Diffusore auto profumazione Vento d'Oceano


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