Original Tibetan Grey Polished Hematite Tamashii Bracelet

Cod. BHS601-22


A shiny gray stone imbued with mystery, capable of confusing your ideas as much as clearing them.

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Original Tibetan Grey Polished Hematite Tamashii Bracelet
Original Tibetan Grey Polished Hematite Tamashii Bracelet  38,00

Tamashii products that are handmade with natural stones/pearls may have slightly different shades from the photos.

Original Tibetan Tamashii bracelet with Hematite.

Unisex size.

Black-colored natural stone of ferrous origin, which when reduced to a powder can take on a red coloring. This metamorphosis gives hematite mysterious blood-related characteristics.

In ancient traditions it was used to face fear and defeat death.


The bracelet is hand-knotted and composed of 12 hematite spheres with a diameter of 8.00 mm.

The total length is 24.00 cm. but can be worn down to 18.00 cm.

Convenient burnished metal button closure.

Each Tamashii bracelet features a wooden element, a representation of a small gourd filled with seeds, called Kamawatchi Calabush or simply Calabash, and uniquely represents the continuity of life.

A unique piece of jewelry because it is made entirely by the skilled hands of Tibetan monks and blessed individually at the end of its creation.

New product accompanied by respective original packaging with authentic Tamashii warranty.


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