7-7.5 mm White Freshwater Cultured Iron Fabio Pearls Necklace

Cod. FF1028

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Elegant beads that are accompanied by a tender red heart, enhancing their color and meaning.

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Necklace of 7-7.5 mm diameter round natural Asian pearls.

Strand with 59 white beads divided from each other by small knots.

They are elegantly strung using the knot-pearl method, which preserves lemper from contacting each other, making them more secure and solid. So the risk of losing or ruining them is zero.

The 925 sterling silver clasp is covered with red enamel in the shape of a heart, where the two openable ends slide so it can be worn. Also inserted a short distance from the clasp are three red enameled rings that embellish the jewelry.

The length corresponds to 46 cm including the clasp.

The color of the pearls may vary slightly from the photo due to the fact that they are all natural and one is different from the other.

Accompanied by special packaging and quality guarantee signed by Fabio Ferro.


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