Original Tibetan Tamashii Bracelet with Musk Agate

Cod. BHS900-17


Original Tibetan Tamashii bracelet with Musk Agate

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Tamashii jewels are handmade with natural stones and pearls, they may have slightly different shades from the published photos.

Tamashii bracelet with Musk Agate stone.

Natural stone with yellow-green to dark green colors that can be traced back to the Amoghasiddhi Buddha, who aspires to success, wealth and power.
The variegated hue may suggest a less competitive and jealous ambition.
This Tamashii transforms pride into identity wisdom.

The bracelet is made and beaded by hand composed of 12 Moss Agate stones diameter mm. 8.00.

The length of the bracelet is cm. 24.00 but can be worn up to cm. 18.00.

In each Tamashii bracelet there is the Calabash, a small wooden element in the shape of a pumpkin full of seeds, called Kamawatchi Calabash which symbolizes in particular the continuity of life.

The jewel is accompanied by its original packaging and Tamashii guarantee of authenticity.

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