Tamashii Original Tibetan Rainbow Stone Bracelet

Cod. BHS900-250


Let your emotions free, this bracelet will guide them in the best possible way.

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Tamashii Original Tibetan Rainbow Stone Bracelet
Tamashii Original Tibetan Rainbow Stone Bracelet  38,00



This stone, known for its brilliant and reflective properties, helps the person to recognize their qualities, also considering their negative traits, to be able to eliminate them and redirect them towards more positive attitudes.

Rainbow stone is also used to reduce negative and hostile energies.

This stone decreases nervous energy and helps to focus on positive and higher goals.

The bracelet is beaded and hand-knotted with a brown cord.

The total length of the bracelet is cm. 24.00 but can be worn up to cm. 18.00. Practical closure with metal button.

The peculiarity that makes this jewel unique is the fact that it is handmade in Tibet and blessed by Tibetan monks.

New product accompanied by its original packaging with Tamashii guarantee of authenticity.


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