Fabio Ferro Necklace of White Freshwater Cultured Pearls 11-12 mm

Cod. FF4962-FF1176



Fabio Ferro necklace of 11/12 mm. diameter white freshwater cultured pearls with natural Aqua Marina clasp.

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Fabio Ferro necklace of natural cultured pearls white color 11-12 mm. diameter with natural seawater clasp.

This strand of pearls is composed of 36 freshwater cultured pearls of white color.

The beads were expertly hand-piercing knot after knot, a method is preferred for the simple reason that each individual bead is more solid and secure.

The beads do not rub against each other and avoid wear from continuous contact.

In the event that the necklace were to break so knotted, it would avoid the parading of all the pearls, with the risk of losing or ruining them.

The necklace is embellished with an elegant and distinctive spherical-shaped clasp made of polished natural Aqua Marina in light blue color, diameter 14 mm.

The total length of the necklace is 46.00 including the clasp-clasp.

The necklace comes with an elegant box with the Fabio Ferro I Gioielli certificate of guarantee of authenticity.

The certificate of guarantee and quality comes with a valuable gift box.


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