Fabio Iron Sea Water Japanese Cultured Pearls Necklace 7-7.5 mm


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Lots of tiny pearls flowing down the neck, creating a harmonious movement that leaves those who lay eyes on it open-mouthed.

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Necklace of sea pearls, native to the Japanese area, which are born with a diameter of 8.5/9 mm.

They are elegantly strung 57 pearls by means of the pearl-knot technique, which provides security in wearing, elegance and avoids rubbing between pearl and pearl.

The clasp is 18-carat rose gold, handcrafted. It depicts an elegant flower joining the two ends of the thread. Its weight is 3.3 g. Easy to wear and very beautiful to look at.

The length of the necklace is 49 cm including clasp.

Accompanied by dedicated slipcase and quality/authenticity guarantee signed by Fabio Ferro.


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