Original Tibetan Tamashii Bracelet in Arctic Jasper

Cod. BHS900-259


Bracelets strung and blessed directly in Tibet, each with its own spiritual meaning.

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Original Tibetan Tamashii Bracelet in Arctic Jasper
Original Tibetan Tamashii Bracelet in Arctic Jasper  38,00


Jasper strengthens the mind and instills courage. It is a very rare stone.

It promotes respect and consideration for oneself, helping to accept oneself for what one is and exercising a balancing function on the emotions level. It helps to keep integrity and honest even when, unfortunately, the circumstances of life try to follow a less correct path.

It has a very peaceful and circular energy, therefore oriented towards continuous renewal.

The bracelet is hand knotted and made up of 12 Disapro spheres with a diameter of 8.00 mm.

The total length is cm. 24.00 but can be worn up to cm. 18.00.

Practical closure with burnished metal button.

Each Tamashii bracelet is characterized by a wooden element, a representation of a small pumpkin full of seeds, called Kamawatchi Calabush or simply Calabash and in particular represents the continuity of life.

A unique jewel because it is made entirely by the skilled hands of Tibetan monks and blessed individually at the end of its creation.

New product accompanied by its original packaging with authentic Tamashii guarantee.


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